The album cover of "Octopus & Pyrgos" by Marius Mathiszik

Out now: Octopus & Pyrgos by Marius Mathiszik

‘Octopus & Pyrgos’ are raw cuts of what was originally developed during a collaboration with visual artist Katerina Rotoli. The original version could be heard in 2 installations, that were set to kick off a creative get-together by friends and artists in the mountains of Peloponnese during spring 2023. Listen to/get your copy of Octopus & Pyrgos here.

The new album II by Jan Matiz with cassette art by Katerina Rotoli

Out now: ‘II’ by Jan Matiz

…a really captivating album, full of unexpected charms. If you enjoy serendipity, you’ll enjoy this.

Garreth Brooke / a closter listen

Jan Matiz II is a compelling work of singular artistry and a great example of how acoustic and electronic sounds can work together harmoniously.

Jon Davis, Exposé

Reverberating melodies from the lush sounds of guitar occasionally infused with a future world of electronic beats and fanfare. These selections hold listeners in a richly woven world of euphonious manna. Inoculating tranquility with playful sonic canine named glitchy holding youthful attention.

Lost in a Sea of Sound

Jan Matiz’ new album II is finally available. It is a acoustic guitar solo piece that Marius has been working on and off since 2017. Get your limited edition cassette now – each item hand-painted by Katerina Rotoli.

FADE RADIO: New bimonthly show

Echei Kinisi is the name of Marius’ new bimonthy radio show (cover art: Katerina Giannopoulou)

In his new radio show Echei kinisi Marius Mathiszik invites you on a highly personal journey through eclectic selections between Modern Improvised Music, Electronica, Ambient and other colorful genres. The one hour program that may be translated as “there is traffic” or “movement” will regularly reveal freshly released and yet unreleased treasures of the tier.debut cosmos and Marius frequent collaborators, embracing Athens up and coming experimental music scene.


Guest show on FADE RADIO

Marius’ Guest show for FADE.RADIO (aired: October 15)

Check out Marius Mathiszik’s guest show for FADE.RADIO, talking about the making of the new I WORK IN COMMUNICATIONS album Kiss my emoji ring. Along with that he shared his recent musical favorites and some unreleased gems, shining a light on what’s to come next on tier.debut.

Out now: Kiss my emoji ring by I WORK IN COMMUNICATIONS

Kiss my emoji ring on cassette, the 2nd album by I WORK IN COMMUNICATIONS

Get your high quality digital download or the limited edition MC with a special bonus track, appearing on the cassette only.

Kiss my emoji ring is the second of IWIC’s 2 releases. It was recorded between 2020 and 2021 and features George Crowley on sax, Dave De Rose on drums and Marius Mathiszik on guitar/bass/loops etc.

Here you can check out, what FREQ and EXPOSE wrote about the album premiere. More voices you can find in the press section.